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Turnip: Goldana Organic Seed

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500 Organic Goldana Turnip Seeds [approx]

Name: Turnip: Goldana

Latin Name: Brassica rapa

Description: Goldana Turnip is a very fast growing turnip. It produces globe-shaped tubers with yellow flesh. The leaves can be eaten as turnip greens.

Germination Rate: 96%

Seed Origin: Netherlands

Sowing: March to August

Harvesting: May to November

How To Grow Goldana Turnip From Seed: Prepare shallow drills to sow your Turnip seed directly into. Leave a spacing of 30cm between the drills. Sow the seeds thinly, and cover lightly with soil. When the seedlings become established, thin them to leave the strongest plant every 15cm. Make sure your Turnips get plenty of water, as they are fast growing. A lack of water can have a negative effect on the Turnips texture.

The turnips can be harvested at any stage once they are over 5cm in diameter. Although they are at their sweetest when they are over 10cm in diameter. Do not wait too long to harvest, as over time, the turnips will dry out and become fibrous.

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