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Turnip: Purple Top Milan Seed

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300 Organic Purple Top Milan Turnip Seeds [approx]

Name: Turnip: Purple Top Milan

Latin Name: Brassica rapa

Description: Turnip Purple Top Milan is an old vegetable with a beautiful bi-coloured turnip that tastes very good when it’s still raw.

Germination Rate: 95%

Seed Origin: Italy

Sowing: March to August

Harvesting: May to November

How To Grow Purple Top Milan Turnip From Seed: Sow seeds successionally from March until August in shallow drills with rows 30cm apart. 

Early crops can be started in modules. Put a pinch of seed in each module and plant them out at a distance of 15cm in early spring under cloches if necessary. 

Turnips are fast-growing and need plenty of water to make sure they do not go woody and run to seed. They grow as a bunch and can be harvested from golf ball size. We suggest not letting them grow too much as their texture becomes drier and more fibrous the bigger they get.