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Wild Teasel Organic Seed

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100 Organic Wild Teasel Seeds [approx]

Name: Wild Teasel

Latin Name: Dipsacus fullonum

Plant Type: Biennial

Plant Height:
140-160 cm

Germination Rate: 

Seed Origin: Netherlands

Description: Wild Teasel is a tall growing spiky plant. It should not be confused with common thistle. Its lilac flowers appear in a wreath around its flower head. It is attractive to butterflies. Flowers in its second year.

Sowing: April to June

Flowering: June to September

Plant Height: 140-160 cm

How To Grow Wild Teasel From Seed: Wild Teasel seeds can be sown directly where the plants are to grow. The plants prefer not to be moved. They also do well in poor soil. Create a shallow drill to sow the seeds in. Cover them very lightly with soil as they need some light to germinate. Make sure the area is kept moist throughout germination.

When seedlings establish, thin them to leave 50cm between each plant. Alternatively, start the seeds in pots or seedling modules and transplant them to the garden when the seedlings establish.

In its first year wild Teasel forms a rosette of leaves. In the second year it will produce its unmistakable lilac coloured flower heads.

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