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Coco Coir Bricks x 3

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These coconut coir bricks are compressed coconut coir, also called coco coir for short. Each one of the 3 bricks in this pack will expand to make 7 litres of growing medium once they are hydrated, for a total of 21 litres of growing medium. 

Cocunut coir is a good growing medium to start seeds in, or to grow microgreens in.

The compact size of the bricks make storing them easier to handle, and more efficient than large bags of compost.

Each brick will produce enough growing medium to fill 6 x 1020 growing trays. 

How To Use:

  1. Place a brick, or bricks in bucket or other container of sufficient size. Each brick will need approx. 7 litres of space to hydrate in.
  2. Add 3 litres of water of water to the bucket for every brick in the bucket. 
  3. Allow the brick(s) a few minutes to absorb the water and expand.
  4. Once the brick(s) have expanded, break up the coco coir with your hands.
  5. If needed, add a little extra water on top of any pieces that remain dehydrated.

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